About Us

Located in the beautiful state of Yucatan, Mexico, in the small town of El Cuyo, a paradise is found: Casa Gajah. A space designed to receive travelers from all over the world, where they can live and share unique experiences, in a spot meant to reach a maximum level of relaxation and be surprised by its natural areas.

 Casa Gajah is an Eden, located very close to the beach and to the town’s center. Our philosophy is based on preserving the natural charm and the essence of the environment, while sharing the local magic of El Cuyo with travelers from all around the globe.


Our Story

Casa Gajah is born after 40 years of experience in luxury hospitality in Mexico and Central America, as well as exploring different places in Europe. Having the vision of creating a space that stands out from the mass-tourism hotels. A place that cares and respects the surrounding nature, that offers comfortable and luxurious services, creating a balance, and sharing this experience with travelers looking for something unique and special.